Unit Tests

The SAWSDL4J project includes the junit test cases that test each one of the recommended SAWSDL documents from the SAWSDL W3C test suite. The following table summarizes where each test fits in.

The tests are arranged in three groups, namely read and extraction. and serialize.

Feature number Description Read test case

(package - edu.uga.cs.lsdis.meteors.sawsdl4j.read)
Extraction Test case

(package - edu.uga.cs.lsdis.meteors.sawsdl4j.extract)
Serialization Test case

(package - edu.uga.cs.lsdis.meteors.sawsdl4j.serialize)
0 plain WSDL document SAWSDL4J1ReadTest N/A SAWSDL4J1SerializationTest
1 modelReference on WSDL Interface components (sec 3.1) . Translates to WSDL portType SAWSDL4J2ReadTest,

PorttypeModelRefExtractionTest SAWSDL4J2SerializationTest,

2 modelReferences from extended interface apply on extending interface (sec 3.1) N/A N/A N/A
3 modelReference on WSDL Interface Operation components (sec 3.2) SAWSDL4J4ReadTest OperationModelRefExtractionTest SAWSDL4J4SerializationTest
4 modelReference on WSDL Interface Fault components (sec 3.3) N/A N/A N/A
5 modelReference on XML Schema Simple Type definitions (sec 4.1.1) SAWSDL4J5ReadTest SchemaSimpleTypeModelReferenceExtractionTest SAWSDL4J5SerializationTest
6 modelReference on XML Schema Complex Type definitions (top-level) (sec 4.1.2) SAWSDL4J6ReadTest SchemaComplexTypeModelReferenceExtractionTest SAWSDL4J6SerializationTest
7 modelReference on XML Schema Element declarations (sec 4.1.3) SAWSDL4J7ReadTest SchemaElementModelReferenceExtractionTest SAWSDL4J7SerializationTest
8 modelReference on XML Schema Attribute declarations (sec 4.1.4) SAWSDL4J8ReadTest SchemaAttributeModelReferenceExtractionTest SAWSDL4J8SerializationTest
9 liftingSchemaMapping on XML Schema Element declarations (sec 4.2) SAWSDL4J9ReadTest SchemaElementLiftingSchemaMappingExtractionTest SAWSDL4J9SerializationTest,

10 liftingSchemaMapping on XML Schema Type definitions (sec 4.2) SAWSDL4J10ReadTest SchemaSimpleTypeLiftingSchemaMappingTest SAWSDL4J11SerializationTest
11 loweringSchemaMapping on XML Schema Element declarations (sec 4.2) SAWSDL4J11ReadTest SchemaElementLoweringSchemaMappingExtractionTest SAWSDL4J12SerializationTest
12 loweringSchemaMapping on XML Schema Type definitions (sec 4.2) SAWSDL4J12ReadTest SchemaComplexTypeLoweringSchemaMappingTest SAWSDL4J13SerializationTest,

13 liftingSchemaMapping and loweringSchemaMapping propagation from type definition to element declaration using that type, plus overriding (sec 4.2) SAWSDL4J13ReadTest SchemaElementMappingPropogationTest

14 attrExtensions element with arbitrary annotations (sec 5.1) SAWSDL4J14ReadTest ArbitraryOperationModelRefExtractionTest SAWSDL4J16SerializationTest
15 annotations on WSDL 1.1 elements (grouped together) (sec 5.2) Tested Above Tested Above Tested Above
16 RDF mapping - turning annotations into RDF statements (sec 6) N/A N/A N/A
16 Annotations on message parts SAWSDL4J15ReadTest MessagePartModelRefExtractionTest SAWSDL4J17SerializationTest